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Defensive Player of the Year: David Burrell

“Defense wins championships,” we’ve all heard that before coming from coaches to sports analyst. If you don’t have that solid foundation of defense included into your game, it is a big missing piece as a player. One player in the No Excuses Houston Summer Pro League who has been causing a lot of problems for his opponents is, David Burrell.

He was named last year’s Defensive Player of the Year and was an intricate part of the championship team’s road to winning it all last year. David wanted to give some insight on his game and what he believes will occur this summer.


Q: What are your expectations and goals coming into this year’s No Excuses Houston Summer Pro League?

A: My expectations for this year are: win the championship, become a better all-around player, and be a role model to the kids that I train.

Q: As the reigning Defensive Player of the League, do you feel that you set the tone for the team defensively?

A: I wouldn’t say that I set the tone defensively because I feel that we are all good defenders. My defense is effective because I have teammates and a coach who allow me to freely use my instincts to cause havoc against the opponents.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most in this coming up Summer Pro League?

A: Going into this year I look forward to the challenge of defending the title. As much as I love being underestimated and being an “underdog”, defending a crown brings out the best in true competitors. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As the time gets closer for the No Excuses Houston Summer Pro League to begin, these players are preparing themselves to battle it out and leave it all on the floor each night for their teams. David and his teammates will be defending their title as the champions this summer and he appears to be ready for the challenge that lies ahead. With his great defense and his teammates working together as a force, they will be a tough team to beat.

David believes that they are focused and will be ready for any team that they will go up against. He prides himself in being a defensive leader and will continue to help his team in any way possible.

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