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Isaiah Taylor's Epic Performance

During the NEX Pro League games at Fonde Recreation Center, players have put on performances that left the crowd amazed. But none in the recent years would compare to what Isaiah Taylor did during the Championship game.

Who is Isaiah Taylor you might ask? Well if you do not know who he is, let me give you a little background on him. Isaiah is a 6'3 PG for the Atlanta Hawks and a former Texas Longhorns stand-out! He made his mark on the college game by his lighting quick speed in the open court. Seems like much haven't changed these days, because that skill is exactly what he brings to the Atlanta Hawks. His fast-twitch muscles and ability to change directions is a scary sight for opposing teams, and a nightmare for his competition at the Fonde Rec Center.

I'm sure everyone though when Isaiah Taylor walked in the gym that "Awe he's not going to play for real" but that couldn't be further from the truth, as he suited up with current NBA player Isaiah Canaan's team called Houston Flight. The stage was set for an epic battle between the two Isaiah's and Danuel House of the Phoenix Suns, to see who would come out as the victorious one. Immediately, Taylor begins to put on a show with his blazing speed in transition, coupled with high-flying dudes and making tough shots. As Danuel House begin to come back with his bag of tricks, the crowd begin to get louder by each play and intensified the game. Play after play both the Isaiah's were showing why they are in the NBA, but Isaiah Taylor showed why he was on a different level. Although his team lost to Danuel House and his "Nuff Said" team on a three-quarters court shot at the buzzer, it was clear that Mr. 56 piece had the best performance. He finished the game with 56 points in such a fashion that we had to get it on camera...You can view the video clips on our Instagram @NEXProLeague.

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