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Finals MVP: Suleiman “Magnificent Sue” Braimoh

The excitement for this year’s Summer Pro League is becoming more and more overwhelming as the days are getting closer to the tip-off day. Many of the players are anticipating for another great tournament and competitive opponents. The No Excuses Houston Summer Pro League is a place where NBA Players look to sharpen their skills in a very safe but competitive environment. Each year the No Excuses (NEX) Houston Summer Pro League seems to get bigger and bigger, more hi-profile athletes, better teams, more fans, and a greater atmosphere for both athlete and fan.

As the days close in on the opening tip-off, some of NEX best athletes wanted to share their experiences of being a part of this great league. Last year’s Finals MVP Suleiman Braimoh or better known as “Magnificent Su”, who ended up with 24 points and 17 rebounds in the championship game, wanted to share some of his thoughts on last year and this coming up season.

Q: How did it feel to win the championship and be named the MVP of the finals?