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Houston, We Have Tip-Off!

With the 2016-2017 NBA season wrapping up nearly one month ago, many fans have already begun the countdown to next season, which is approximately 131 days away (as of 7/5/17).

Most elite level players take this time to relax on much-needed vacations, to make a name in the world of fashion or to never miss a day at the gym, if you are LeBron James. For others, summertime presents a grand opportunity to continue the “No Days Off” approach of summer league basketball.

The eyes of the world have honed in on the NBA’s three major summer leagues, which take place in Orlando, Utah and Las Vegas, in July. These games feature team’s rookie players, second-year veterans and unsigned free agents looking for their spot on a team.

However, Houston basketball fans are in for a special treat this summer.

The No Excuses Foundation ProAm League welcomes the Summer Pro League back to Clutch City. This league will showcase athletes from across the globe, including former and current NBA players. Jonathan Simmons (San Antonio Spurs), De’Aaron Fox (Sacramento Kings), Patrick Beverley (Los Angeles Clippers), Isaiah Taylor and Corey Brewer (Houston Rockets) are only a few names that are set to attend this year’s event.

There will also be live performances and possible celebrity appearances throughout the summer. Games will be held every Monday and Wednesday at the Fonde Recreation Center in Houston, TX.

Make sure you subscribe to my blog to keep up with all of the progress of the League!

In the next edition of the Houston Summer League, we will discuss the impact of the No Excuses Foundation on the community.


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